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Athena Management is a company based in the outskirts of Milan with long-term experience in the field of business consulting for companies, internationalization and the development of business in foreign markets. It has worked on important projects in a wide range of sectors together with major International Companies.

Athena Management is structurally well established as far as regards the more technical side of company engineering and consultancy services for effective search and management of new projects, new partners and consortia.

Athena Management promotes business in client’s headquarters, giving assistance regarding the retrieval of all necessary information for an analysis, filling in and presenting concise, clear reports, and providing all the necessary support so that the business man can continue his own work, without any loss of time.

Athena Management allows the client to find concrete solutions and ideas, taking all needs and objectives into consideration. 


Via Leonardo da Vinci 21 
28062 Cameri - Italia

tel. +39 0321 1696698
fax +39 0321 1691347
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Luciano Solvato
Phone:  +971 2 6212240
Fax:       +971 2 6213449
Mob:      +971 50 9173748

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